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Random Excavations

Short Talk: Losing the momentum to blog can be quite deadly. I am constantly facing such death threats. Le Sigh..

Anyways, the campus is organizing a photography contest called "Connect Nanyang". I couldn't think of what to actually shoot but obscene images keep floating in my sea of thoughts whenever I come across the word "Connect". :P

First off, I would like to feature Ming Wei, a Biological Sciences student and also my senior. He's actually quite funny especially when he put a reflector board in the toilet just to go on a comfort shoot around NTU.

Ming Wei

He asked me to dump the picture because he thought that his face was horrible, but I thought otherwise.

I didn't manage to snap much photographs because the lighting wasn't right and too harsh to actually get correct exposure at desired aperture and ISO.

Canon on Green

What makes photography fun in NTU is actually its greeneries.

Droplets of Serenity

It's already 3 in the morning. I seriously need some quality sleep. Hence, I shall end this post with this picture:
Rocky Terrain

Good night everyone! More to come!

iPhone 3G

Short Talk: Had the best experience of my life yesterday!!

I don't know why but everyone seems to be in the rat race of getting the iPhone 3G. I think it is in a way, overrated. Yes i know, you are going to say that I am contradicting my own desires. Everyone wants to get an iPhone no matter how long is the queue. But on the other hand, N95 has more functions than iPhone itself. Due to copyrights, there are many restrictions when it comes to using the smartphone. E.g. you're not allowed to forward your sms to other friends. The bluetooth function is for headset usage only and not for file transferring and etc etc.

The picture above shows the waiting area for consumers to join the 4-hour long "marathon" race to purchase the iPhone 3G.

Here comes the question, why is everyone so obsessed with it including the author himself?
Maybe it's because of its edgy design, or perhaps, its sexy touch features. Seriously, I can't find any other good points about the phone besides having 8GB ipod touch, GPS and 3G.


Seems like I am criticizing the iPhone. Well, here comes the plus point of getting the iPhone. The true fact is that, the phone is actually cheaper than the sony ericssons W810i when I bought it almost 2 years ago. After conversion with the current exchange rate, the iPhone 3G is estimated to be RM825.65. Now tell me, is there any Nokia phone that has almost the same functions cheaper than that price?

Besides that, getting an iPhone from Singapore is also another plus point! This is because the phone itself is unlocked upon purchase unlike those purchased from the US. In other words, you can still use the phone even with other sim cards.

I can sense something is coming!


Yes, I have to admit the queue yesterday was total madness. I queued for more than 3 hours just to lay my hands on the new iPhone 3G. The time I spent, the energy wasted and at times trying to get the urge of using the toilet out of my head were in fact torturing.


Guess the endurance finally paid off when I could really do this:



Stay tuned for more!

*P/s: Special thanks to my sister, Ms. Joanne Kua for being so accommodating. She actually accompanied me in the final one hour to purchase the phone. On top of that, I'm using the line registered under her name in order use IDD function as I am underage. Thanks alot sis!! :)

*P/ss: I thought Roxy Summersplash was crazy. This event was even crazier!!!

Expect the Unexpected

Short Talk: 22nd August 2008 (Today) will be the grand launch of iPhone into the Singapore market. Supply and demand!

I realized that I left the blogsphere for quite a while. My apologies for the lack of updates and pictures. I have been very busy juggling between studies and campus activities. Hence, I can't seem to find time to go out for a photoshoot. Maybe, if I am not too lazy, I might follow the photoshoot trip organised by the campus' photography club.

Meanwhile, I looked back at my photo folder and decided to post two more pictures from my India trip. Descriptions on the photos are available in my flickr site. Therefore, do click on the photos! :)


A Scoop of Water

On the other hand, the "one" that everyone is crazy over at is launching soon in Singapore.
What am I saying?

Does this picture ring the bell? :)

If everything goes well, I am going to blog more about it soon. 

Stay tuned!

Random Update

I bought myself a Fuji Xerox Workcentre 3119 Laser Printer for my everyday notes-printing convenience.


I wouldn't think this machine is cheap but heck, it works wonders. You can print, scan and copy for only One-Seventy-Nine Dollars.

Yup, S$179 for this machine and the best part of all, it comes with an Armani-like trolley which you can carry the printer around like the SIA air-stewardess. *This was the exact sentence the promoter gave me yesterday.*

On a lighter note, I finally found a Singapore version of "Here in my home - MAFUlat"

Well, they are not entirely the same, but they share almost the same meaning behind the song.

Stay tuned!


Short Talk: I had a bad sore throat and a slight fever when I woke up. :( How I wish I could skip lectures like how I skipped school last time. Things have changed, I'm no longer in school anymore.

*Clears throat*
65-01-1333 is not my matriculation neither it is my passport number.


65-01-1333 is my dorm number, or rather my current address in Singapore. Of course, you need a longer version of the address in order to mail me letters. ;)

I could still remember the moment when I was packing my clothes before leaving to Singapore. I was practically bringing my whole wardrobe to Singapore because I was afraid that I would not have enough clothes to wear. My sister even commented I was on a fashion trip instead of a decent student going into university. Well, I didn't really pack that much clothes right? See for yourself!


During my stay in Singapore, I brought along 5 pairs of shoes - jogging shoes, leather shoes, flip-flops, basketball shoes and canvas shoes. One for each occasion. :P


Hostels in NTU are well equipped with a wardrobe, study table with lamp, bed and even a chair. Not to mention that I could refill both cold and water at the pantry. Yes, we have a pantry in every block and even a common room with air-cond where you get to watch TV or read the papers.



L stands for Loser Left.

My daily sanitary tools.

And lastly, my trusty workstation where I do most of my studying, gaming and chatting.


Stay tuned.

Good Food in a Good Place = Bliss

Short Talk: Attended 2 hours of life sciences. Outcome? 0% progress in the subject. Guess I'm so gonna flunk life sciences. Maths was at least okay.

I left home for almost one month already, food in Singapore really does suck except for a few.

Dark soy sauce + half-boiled eggs = total meltdown of tongue sensors. Furthermore, getting to the nearest "yum cha" place can be quite a b*tch! Imagine that you have to walk 30 minutes from my current "home" to the almost-24-hour-operating hawker centre and walk back all the way after having a good session of "yum cha" with friends. And after the long journey back, your tummy starts to growl. What and effective way to gain weight!

Fortunately, being a lazy bum, I tend to stay in my room and munch on cookies unless I'm in desperate need of a hearty meal. You must be wondering why the heck am I crapping all these stuff that do not relate to the title of the post. Well, I'm just being whiny these days.

To cut the long story short, the following pictures are a series of good food* which one can find in Singapore.

First off will be my favourite hang-out chinese restaurant if I have the moolahs in my pocket - Din Tai Fung.


Serving authentic chinese cuisine ranging from noodles, rice to dumplings. That is why you have to queue up in order to get a place in the restaurant.

Stewed Beef Noodles

Din Tai Fung Restaurants are mainly located in Paragon Mall and Wisma Atria, Orchard Road.

Do you like hawker food?
If you do, be sure to visit kamasutra, I mean MakanSutra in Gluttonbay(near Esplanade) to experience KL-like hawker food.

Prawn Noodles a.k.a. Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee in particular is one of the famous food in Singapore. So far, you could get the best Hokkien Mee in Food Republic, Wisma Atria.

If you're looking for spicy food, then Asian Kitchen in Vivo City, Harbor Front might the place you should visit.


Just like the name of the restaurant, it mainly serves Asian food. One of the highlights in the menu is Spicy Soft Shell Crab Noodles.

Spicy Soft Shell Crab Noodles

Spicy yet soft, just the perfect combination to create an orgasm a refreshing sensation in your mouth.

Stay Tuned!

*Food ratings are based on the author's preference. Should you have better suggestions, do inform the write so that he could try out some tasty food.

NTU, My journey begins here.

Few weeks ago, I left my home country for good. I mean to pursue my dream to be an engineer.


And yesterday, my course finally started. First year will be common engineering, which means most engineering students will be taking almost the same subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. On top of that, we have to take up prescribed electives like "Principles of Economics", "Computing" and many more.


You must be thinking, why the heck am I studying economics when I am actually taking up Mechanical Engineering. Well, every event has a cause and this cause is for good. The university is trying to create holistic individuals who are equipped with not only science background, but also other aspects.

Oh ya, not to forget, NTU is full of greenery and hence creating a conducive environment to study. Ahhh...bliss...

On a lighter note, I attended Join Hall Bash in Zouk Singapore last night organised by the committees of the 16 halls of residences. Now, Uni life just gets cooler isn't it? :P


I have tons of tutorial worksheet to complete. :( Thus, will update more when I'm free-er. XD