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  • Wondrous Vision

  • Malacca Trip:Part 2-Malacca Street Introduction

    Short Talk: Tomorrow will be my last day at work as a data entry clerk. I'm sure going to miss my fellow colleagues especially Zhang. ;( At least he would do crazy things to make me stay awake in the mornings. Two months.....time flies..

    Right after we finished eating those orgasm-filled cendols, we had a walk to Stadhuys Square.


    Well, I didn't really take much pictures because harsh lighting tends to ruin most of my shots. Imagine taking pictures at 4pm in Malaysia weather. Two words to describe "total madness".

    The clock tower.

    And here's the famous Stadhuys Churh of Malacca.

    Most of them were busy camwhoring and I was busy snapping the photographers in action for those camwhores.xD


    The following dialogue is for the picture below.
    Wei Loon: "Come guys!! Let us be her backdrop!"
    The rest: "Sure!!"
    Me:*=.= oh well..*


    More to cum come!

    *P.s: By the way, the kiddo holding the camera above wants me to link her. So yea, do visit her blog as she wanted me to promote it for quite some time. xD

    Malacca Part 1

    Alright, it has been a long time since I came back from Malacca and yet I haven't even do a post on it.

    Well, unlike Mr Milk, my Malacca trip isn't as photogenic as his because we (a bunch of friends and I) were basically playing at the villas rather than visiting historical places. That is the main reason why I hate history. "Kerana itu merupakan cerita-nya."

    Malacca is located south of Selangor literally. From Selangor, it would take one to drive for 1.5-2 hours (depending on how sane you are) to get to Ayer Keroh, one of the entrance to Malacca City. Unfortunately, Tysern and I weren't that sane enough to stay 90km/h all the way. We did reach our destination a wee bit earlier than expected.

    David, who was chatting in the car throughout the journey commented:"Eh, we reached Malacca already? That was fast."

    It was a late sunny afternoon and everyone was hungry the moment we hit Jonker Street. Being a knowledgeable tour guide (by that I mean bringing maps and books along), Tysern brought us to Hoe Kee Chicken Lice Rice Shop.


    Maybe it was quite late in the afternoon, hence, the place wasn't pack with patrons.


    Everyone was hungry and couldn't control themselves. Guess this was due to the huge group patronizing the restaurant (15 of us by the way).

    Tysern decided to cut off his testicles and row them into rice balls. Fortunately, I was just joking. XD

    Instead, he ordered 80 rice balls (20cents each), 2 whole chickens (served in 4 plates) and 15 cups of drinks.




    The bill came out to be RM100+. I would say it was a bloody rip off. Maybe it was just me being me.xD I reckon that the chicken rice stall near my place serves better chicken rice.

    After lunch, we walked down Jonker Street to one of the dessert stalls. On the way there, someone had to camwhore and I played along with it.


    Finally, we came into this authentic old house in which the owner converted it into a shop-house.


    Speaking of desserts, I pretty much enjoyed the Durian Cendol served in this place. Pardon me for not remembering the name of this shop but I know lots of people dine there.


    The Malacca Crew


    Some of you might comment where's my face. This time, I managed to grab a picture of myself with a bunch of manwhores male camwhores as my background.



    Stay tuned for more!!

    Random: Time of The Year

    First of all, please don't misread my post title. I meant time of the year, not time of the month where it creates a bloody situation. xD

    Joy of receiving cakes.

    By the way, Happy Birthday Agnes!

    Her birthday kinda reminds me that I'm going to turn into the big two soon. Dam, I'm getting old. :S

    Off Fitting Rooms and Posers

    Today (Sunday) was kinda mundane. I have been doing something much more productive (not) like sleeping for the whole day.

    Went to One Utama yesterday and entered Pull and Bear, one of the retail outlets to accompany a friend.

    I was fascinated with the fitting room as well as the mirror outside the fitting room. Thus, I took out ze camera and started man-whoring camwhoring.



    Better post on the weekdays. I hope. =)

    Random Post

    Short Talk: Taken this shot a month ago.


    Saturday was kinda bored until late afternoon where we (pat, kinz, splashmilk, eman) went for a brief photo-outing.

    Here's a preview of my shot.


    Stay tuned for more.

    The 7 Minutes Post: Marie Digby's Showcase @ One Utama

    Play this video clip while reading this post!! =)

    The reason why I put "The 7 Minutes Post" is because I did this post is 7 minutes as I was rushing for time to work.


    Just before the real showcase started, mini performances were held. First off was a showdown between three singers who were on their way in winning a Yamaha semi-acoustic guitar autographed by Marie Digby.

    And guess what? A 12 year old girl beaten the two seniors and walked home with a brand spanking new guitar. Well, she was an awesome singer compared to the other two. Besides, Marie herself commented that this small lil' girl could become the next rockstar!


    If I knew I could get free hugs from Marie, I would participate in the singing competition and break my vocal chord. Oh well, guess it was too late for me to do anything.

    Right after the singing competition, a group of acapella sang the "Say It Again" in their own remix version.


    While waiting for Marie to get ready with her equipments *that sounded wrong*, the MCs came out and distributed posters and etc etc...


    Just before the showcase could start, I managed to grab a shot with two awesome guys I met.


    And the final moments begun, jeng jeng jeng...

    *Gramaphone scratches*
    You might have to wait for me to blog the rest when I come back from work. XD







    Alright, that's the summary about the whole showcase. And by the way, I won her album "Unfold" during the showcase. I was and currently still am being spellbound by her sweet voice and appearance. Hence, I have been looping her songs in my iTunes for the past few days. xD

    Marie Digby Live In Kuala Lumpur - Media Conference

    Before the showcase, the organizing committee threw a media conference for Marie herself. The conference was held in Good Evening Bangkok Restaurant.


    First of all, I would like to thank Shaz who brought me into the media conference.


    After waiting for almost half an hour, the star of the day, Marie arrived with her trusty bodyguard.

    Out of a sudden, everyone (reporters mainly) rushed to the front row and started shooting her with countless number of flashes. I reckoned that most reporters was pressing their shutters all the way throughout the whole conference.


    I couldn't really get some good shots because most of the time, my flash head was blocked by either the reporters' camera or his head. KNNCCB!!

    After the bla bla and la la speeches, Marie decided to play us a song which I forgot the title. :S


    Her voice was sweet.
    She looked sweet.
    I am sweet.
    It was like a sugar rush through my veins.


    Next up, the showcase at Highstreet, One Utama.

    By the way, I like her album and her songs have been looping in my iTunes. =)

    Lake Gardens

    Short Talk: Everyone is starting Uni soon and I'm still stuck at work. I'm in dire need of a social life. Yum cha anyone?

    Last Sunday, met up with Ex-SeaParkians to go on a photoshoot at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur. I'm not really a nature fan but due to majority preferences, I just have to go with the flow.

    It was my first attempt on flower shots ever since I bought the DSLR. I like the colour that comes out from the 85mm prime. With the creamy bokeh, the picture gives you a dreamy feeling. As usual, do click on the picture for a bigger view.

    Red Blossom

    I reckoned that Lake Gardens is huge for me. We walked for more than hours and shot quite a number of pictures.


    To my realization, they drained the lake for no reason or maybe I'm not sure of the reason. I was shocked because I thought I could get some lake shots.


    This was once a place where the swans played amongst themselves and had turned into a barren land.

    Luckily, there were some beautiful dandelions in the park.


    Here comes human portraitures in the park.

    First off, Kinz in the Bamboo Garden, shocked and stunned.


    Then, Ewin the Alphagrapher.


    And Alan, the Nikonian.


    The group photo of pervertedobscene photographers.


    Did I mention that Kinz has a schlong long lens and it is black in colour?


    Some random abstract shot.

    Dream Pipes

    Before heading home, I gotten this shot where the busy bee was still busy ejaculating collecting honey.

    Busy Bee And Orange Blossom

    I'm running out of ideas in composing posts. :S

    But I hope you like my garden series and support my Flickr. =)

    Kellie's Castle: Final Part

    Short Talk: I just came back from Malacca yesterday night. It was an awesome trip in food wise.

    Here's the final part of my Ipoh trip before I move on to another post. Some of you mentioned why did I post up one picture in the previous post. Well, the reason is because I didn't have much time to upload the pictures as I was late for the Malacca trip.

    Let us start today's photostream with 'Stairway To Heaven'. Oh by the way, do click on the photos for a bigger view.

    Stairway To Heaven

    I personally like the lens flare in this picture. I didn't expect it to appear when I took this shot.

    Next up, we have 'A Hope In The Ruins'.

    A Hope In The Ruins

    And here comes one of my favorite shots, 'Perspective Walls'.

    Perspective Walls

    In this final set of photos, I present to you the 'Emo Series'.
    Once again, I used David, The Gaylord as my model.



    A new addition in this series would be Chong Xian.


    They were both wonderful models though David could be quite vain during the photoshoot. There was once I asked him to pose by looking out of the window. Instead of doing what I told him, he climbed up the window and stood at the edges. :S

    Hope you enjoy my Ipoh trip! =)