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NTU, My journey begins here.

Few weeks ago, I left my home country for good. I mean to pursue my dream to be an engineer.


And yesterday, my course finally started. First year will be common engineering, which means most engineering students will be taking almost the same subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. On top of that, we have to take up prescribed electives like "Principles of Economics", "Computing" and many more.


You must be thinking, why the heck am I studying economics when I am actually taking up Mechanical Engineering. Well, every event has a cause and this cause is for good. The university is trying to create holistic individuals who are equipped with not only science background, but also other aspects.

Oh ya, not to forget, NTU is full of greenery and hence creating a conducive environment to study. Ahhh...bliss...

On a lighter note, I attended Join Hall Bash in Zouk Singapore last night organised by the committees of the 16 halls of residences. Now, Uni life just gets cooler isn't it? :P


I have tons of tutorial worksheet to complete. :( Thus, will update more when I'm free-er. XD

“NTU, My journey begins here.”