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Expect the Unexpected

Short Talk: 22nd August 2008 (Today) will be the grand launch of iPhone into the Singapore market. Supply and demand!

I realized that I left the blogsphere for quite a while. My apologies for the lack of updates and pictures. I have been very busy juggling between studies and campus activities. Hence, I can't seem to find time to go out for a photoshoot. Maybe, if I am not too lazy, I might follow the photoshoot trip organised by the campus' photography club.

Meanwhile, I looked back at my photo folder and decided to post two more pictures from my India trip. Descriptions on the photos are available in my flickr site. Therefore, do click on the photos! :)


A Scoop of Water

On the other hand, the "one" that everyone is crazy over at is launching soon in Singapore.
What am I saying?

Does this picture ring the bell? :)

If everything goes well, I am going to blog more about it soon. 

Stay tuned!

“Expect the Unexpected”