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Busy Busy

Just came back from orientation and it's already 1.23 am.

This blog will be on a short hiatus until next week when orientation ends.

Till then,, adious!

Esplanade, The Night Walk

Took this shot during the evening rush hour.

Sunny Side Down

Short Talk: I'm feeling a lil' unwell. :(

During one fine evening, we decided to go Esplanade to get some evening shots. Upon arrival, I was star-strucked by the architecture of Esplanade.

Esplanade is somewhat similar to KLPac, but its distinctive durian-shape like roof draws more attention than its counterpart.

Face The Sky


I personally like the shot above because of the symmetry of the two structures. On top of that, the gap between the two domes being filled by the golden-blue skies is just simply magnificent.

The Walk

The Towers
Taken this while crossing a bridge.

After crossing a bridge, we arrived at the famous Merlion monument.

Merlion City

Such a beautiful sight! Simply breathtaking.*layan sendiri*

I hope you enjoyed my Singapore Night Tour around Esplanade.

Stay tuned for more!

*P/s: I am trying to finish my Singapore trip posts before heading down south for good.

Farewell Dinner @ Chili's

Short Talk: In less than a week, I will embark on a journey to a distant land to find new hope. Wtf?

Few nights ago, I was invited to a farewell dinner for the departure of Patrick(me) because he's going to Singapore soon. To my realisation, Emile will be going to Singapore to study business in SMU.

At first, the organizer(Rosanne) decided to have the dinner at Seoul Garden. The price was exorbitant and we decided to go for something economical.

After being jerks for about 5 minutes in TGI Fridays *we actually sat there with the menu*, I suggested that Chili's would be a better place compared to Friday's.

In the end, we happily dined in Chili's. Not for Jia Yi and Ziyan. Details to follow.


First off, we had Bottomless Tostada Chips.

Bottomles Tostada Chips

This is a customary snack plate where one should never forget to order. Priced at RM9.95, how could one resist free flow of corn chips?

Next off would be my dinner plate, Monterey Chicken.

Monterey Chicken

Priced at RM24.95, delicious and enough said.

Rosanne had Lamb Shoulder instead because she loves sheep. WTF.

Lamb Shoulder

I was quite hesitant to snap Jiayi's Mushroom Swiss burger. But, she started throwing tantrums and being emo. I couldn't help it but to "layan" her.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

The reason I mentioned that Ziyan and Jiayi didn't quite enjoy their food because their meals were too salty. I bet the chef was happily shaking the salt bottle.

Stay tuned for more!


Short Talk: I think I seriously need to start packing. But, I'm lazy. :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

So yea, the kids were having fun playing around at the fountain area. I have no idea, but I thought it could be a good photography opportunity.

Without hesitation, I re-attached my lens into the "bokeh-cumming making" lens. (85mm f/1.8)


I particular enjoyed snapping photos of this boy because everytime I shoot, he would portray his hyperactive-ness in the photos.


I Can Stop It

And my favourite shot would be this:
Shake It

Watching these kids enjoying at the fountain somehow reminded me of myself when I was young. I used to be fascinated by all these fancy-working mechanism.

Without fail, I would at least touch them just to satisfy myself. I could still remember the time when I was electrocuted. I couldn't help myself but the touch the live wire of the christmas tree bulb. As a result, I ended up screaming and the experience was appalling. The naivety of my childhood brings a smile to me all the time. xD

Stay tuned for more!

Bugis Street

Short Talk: I'm starting to enjoy using the mac although the keyboard can be quite a b*tch when it comes to typing fast. All thanks to the condom-like keyboard protector. But I guess I'm gonna get use to it soon. One of the features that amazes me is Spaces. It is like ordinary Taskbar for Windows but way neater than that.


I get to create my workspace where each column represents the programs that I'm running. Example, I will assign 1 box each just for net-surfing, photoshop, itunes and even msn chatting. In this way, my dekstop will look neater instead of minimizing all the programs.

Back to my Singapore Trip post.

Right after savoring the velvety soft Royce chocolates, we decided to head down to Bugis Street which is the shopping haven for ladies.

MRT guide: Take the RED MRT route and head to Bugis Station where it lies beneath Bugis Junction (a shopping complex). Ask any friendly locals and he/she will gladly direct you to Bugis Street. =)


What is so special about Bugis Street?
It is mainly a fashion street which shares similarities with Petaling Street. Ladies will definitely enjoy shopping over here because they could get cheap bargains.



It may look small but looks can be deceiving. Right after the main entrance, you could see lot of stores scattered around the place like a maze. You would actually need at least half a day to shop the entire place.


I would call this place The Hell Chamber for Guys - for my case at least. I'm not really shopping kinda guy unless I really need it. Most of the time, I would just walk for about half and hour in the shopping mall and get bored of it.

One famous attraction at Bugis Street is the multi-coloured spiral staircase. Photographers, this place is worth snapping despite walking till you drop dead trying to get out of "maze".


Coming up next!


Stay tuned for more!!!

Adam Ate The Apple.

Disclaimer: Not intended to offend anyone or anything.

God once told Adam not to eat the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Being persuaded by Eve, Adam ate the apple in the end.


Just like Adam, I was drawn by its appearance. Its silky smooth white body and firm pads which one will not be bored touching it all day long.

Basically, I was drawn to the light of the galaxy.

Behold, the truth that I was seeking all these while, go leopard go!!


Yea, I am officially a Mac Evangelist. XD

Sweet Sensation

Short Talk: I noticed that I have been very lazy to blog nowadays. :( Maybe a better week next week. xD

One of the things I like about Singapore is Royce Chocolates. Yes, some of you might convince me that KLCC has a Royce Chocolate branch. But, I still prefer the ones from Singapore.


I first indulged myself in Royce chocolate two years ago when I went to the lion city for Christmas. From then onwards, I fell in love with it.

Two years later, it was like a reunite love affair where I get to meet my true love for once again.


One small packet of Royce Chocolates like the above would set you back S$ 14.00++. After conversion, it would be approx. RM30.00++. But trust me, the experience is worth while.

Just like how M&N boasts its miniature chocolates:" Melts in your mouth, not in your hands", these delicious Royce chocolates too melt in your mouth. Its secret weapon is the soft texture in the chocolate. Every bite you take is as if you're eating cotton candy.

A blend of melted chocolate and champagne would just made everyone his/her day. So what are you waiting for? Run to the nearest Royce Chocolate store and grab yourself a packet of delicious-filled Royce Chocolates.


More to cum come!