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Screwed up my blog's HTML. No updates till I figure a way to solve this problem.

Random Things

Just came back yesterday(Monday) and I nearly missed my bus ride. Hahaa.

Not gonna blog much since I'm so tired and having Materials Science paper later.

But, here's some amazing discoveries during my trip back to Malaysia. The iPhone 3G which I bought in Singapore is not tied down to SingTel. This means that I could actually use other sim cards from other Telcos on the iPhone.

Here's a picture to justify my statement:

Notice the DiGi logo on the top left corner. :P

Stay tuned!

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Short Talk: Physics was alright. 3 down, 2 more to go!!

I'll be leaving on a jetplane soon. To catch my flight back to Malaysia to attend the wedding of the year. Well, partial part of the wedding to be exact.

Ever doubt the power of webcam?

Self Portrait
I beg to differ. :P Taken using Macbook's Integrated iSight.

Yes, you may think that I'm narcissistic posting photos of myself all the time. :P

Anyways, it has been almost a year since my sister's fiance proposed to her and from planning to preparation and the actual date, 15th November 2008. A date which falls on a Saturday where they are going to get married. I'm seriously happy for them. :)

8 months ago, we embarked on a journey to authentic India for some pre-wedding photoshoot. It was an unforgettable trip especially when I was the assistant and slave for the photographer, Mr. Yeh from Wondrousvision.


You know what, besides switching the flash to slave mode, I turned myself into a Human Slave Lighting System. Heh, at least I'm more photogenic than the lightstand.

My eldest sister, Joanne.

Her fiance and my soon to be brother-in-law, Mr Mucho Marcus.
Can I still call you Marcus instead of brother-in-law? Cuz the term is so long and well, I'll get used to it, especially when the red packets go into my pocket. *winks winks*

Them, together.

Them, together again with the Taj's reflection.

Kay, that's my update for the week. Got to pack and catch my nap before my night flight. Stay tuned folks! It's going to be helluva wedding ceremony!!

In Dire Need Of Good Food

Short Talk: Ban on yoga? What's next? Sex? Cuz the moaning resembles an evil chant. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Anyways, the title itself is self-explanatory. I am seriously hungry now and I want to eat fish head noodle.

No, not the one where I had to pay S$3 for some imitation near my hostel canteen.

I mean this!


Yes, this fish head noodle!


The one from Taman Desa Baru!! Damn it!!! 3 more days!! MOM you better get your cooking utensils ready!!! :P

Perspective much? I don't know, why don't you tell me about it. :)

Stay tuned folks. See you again next week. Gone for the exams fishing. XD

Absurd Site

This site seriously make me laugh at how someone can be absurdly prudish. Credits to Kennysia who pointed out that site.

Just visit that site and you will know what I'm trying to say. Basically, the author was busy gallivanting in this mall near his place. Instead of window-shopping, he was busy snapping photos of girls who apparently "violated" the law of the state by dressing sexily. ROFL.

The first entry from his blog:

Pembuka bicara

February 7, 2008

Tujuan blog ini diwujudkan kerana aku nak semua orang tahu dan sedar akan maksiat yang terang dan berani dilakukan di pasaraya besar di Kota Bharu ni, terutamanya oleh budak muda mudi pakai skirt pakai jeans londeh dsb. Dah bosan aku report sana sini siap SMS aduan kepada akhbar tapi hampeh.

Harapan aku agar pendedahan ini lebih membuka mata sebab internet lebih ramai yang dapat tengok, search sahaja dah jumpa.

Aku nak beli spycam satu dan ambil foto setiap kejelekan yang dibuat post kat internet, mata tu aku blurkanlah nanti malu mak bapak. Peliknya tahu pulak malu tu.

Jangan salah faham bukan aku nak burukkan PAS di Kelantan lebih lebih lagi dekat pilihanraya ni, sekadar nak bagi ada tindakan, aku sokong pencegahan maksiat yang dibuat MPKB-BRI tapi perlu lebih giat lagi, lebih lebih lagi tempat awam macam KBMall ni.

I thought that I wasted lots of time doing random things online. This guy somehow outrun me in that field of wasting time.

Wait till he comes to Singapore or at least NTU, I think he would die of severe heart attack. XD

Exam Preparation

Short Talk: For a moment, I think my time is running out. ;(

With examinations hitting the doorstep in less than a week, I must at least do something before the "great flood" hits me!


This is my study table with the Mac switched on most of the time. I'm not good with jotting down notes during lectures. To make myself happy and satisfy, I will at least highlight a paragraph to show that I do pay attention. :P

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the other side of my desk.


I pity the printer and also Life Science Textbook being squashed by all the notes and Calculus. Please don't kill me for not cleaning up. Blame the exams!! XD

What should you do to overcome exam stress?

My solution is very simple, that is, prepare an ESK. ESK is an abbreviation for Exams Survival Kit as shown below.


A fridge with nothing but booze to boost your spirit during examinations.

Okay, I'm just joking. I bought booze just to finish off my shopping vouchers.

Photo of the day:
Hard Decision
"Hard Decision" click on the photo for more details.

Stay tuned...

The Poratrait of a Mad Man

Just click and watch it! ;)