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Short Talk: I had a bad sore throat and a slight fever when I woke up. :( How I wish I could skip lectures like how I skipped school last time. Things have changed, I'm no longer in school anymore.

*Clears throat*
65-01-1333 is not my matriculation neither it is my passport number.


65-01-1333 is my dorm number, or rather my current address in Singapore. Of course, you need a longer version of the address in order to mail me letters. ;)

I could still remember the moment when I was packing my clothes before leaving to Singapore. I was practically bringing my whole wardrobe to Singapore because I was afraid that I would not have enough clothes to wear. My sister even commented I was on a fashion trip instead of a decent student going into university. Well, I didn't really pack that much clothes right? See for yourself!


During my stay in Singapore, I brought along 5 pairs of shoes - jogging shoes, leather shoes, flip-flops, basketball shoes and canvas shoes. One for each occasion. :P


Hostels in NTU are well equipped with a wardrobe, study table with lamp, bed and even a chair. Not to mention that I could refill both cold and water at the pantry. Yes, we have a pantry in every block and even a common room with air-cond where you get to watch TV or read the papers.



L stands for Loser Left.

My daily sanitary tools.

And lastly, my trusty workstation where I do most of my studying, gaming and chatting.


Stay tuned.