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Random Excavations

Short Talk: Losing the momentum to blog can be quite deadly. I am constantly facing such death threats. Le Sigh..

Anyways, the campus is organizing a photography contest called "Connect Nanyang". I couldn't think of what to actually shoot but obscene images keep floating in my sea of thoughts whenever I come across the word "Connect". :P

First off, I would like to feature Ming Wei, a Biological Sciences student and also my senior. He's actually quite funny especially when he put a reflector board in the toilet just to go on a comfort shoot around NTU.

Ming Wei

He asked me to dump the picture because he thought that his face was horrible, but I thought otherwise.

I didn't manage to snap much photographs because the lighting wasn't right and too harsh to actually get correct exposure at desired aperture and ISO.

Canon on Green

What makes photography fun in NTU is actually its greeneries.

Droplets of Serenity

It's already 3 in the morning. I seriously need some quality sleep. Hence, I shall end this post with this picture:
Rocky Terrain

Good night everyone! More to come!

“Random Excavations”