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Pack The Floor 24: Part 1

On the 12th of January 2008, I was invited to attend an event organised by HMC (Help University College).

The event was called Pack The Floor 24. The purpose of this event was to raise fund for certain charity homes by dancing 24 hours non-stop.


The event started off with the KL Stompers doing their thang'!


Fast beats plus a hyped crowd = Trance!

Then out of the sudden, the whole crowd gone silent.
Something happened.

The SWAT team arrived.


To be continued....

Of Miniature Cars and Lighting

I have been very busy lately, hence the lack of update. School has been kind with me and yes, the pay is arriving soon I hope. Not to forget that the students have been treating me well so far.

About changes, they stopped calling me "Mr. Patrick Star" after I had reprimanded them repeatedly. There was once I punished them to stand for half an hour for greeting me with the mentioned nickname.

On the other hand, I had been through an emotional week due to misunderstanding with the queen. So basically I didn't have the mood to do anything but to sit in front of the computer doing nothing all the time. Sometimes I do wonder... Alright, scratch that.

Not to forget, one of my students invited me to attend the father's opening ceremony of a new restaurant. To my realization, the dad is the owner of The Original Kayu Nasi Kandar. My jaw dropped instantly when she told me that. But well, I had VIP invitations for my colleagues and yours truly. Food was awesome since we had VIP treatment that night.

Enough of bullshiting, time for pictures.

I am so damn into light photography or something they will term "strobist-ish". I can't wait to get the Poverty Wizard ( a cheaper version of Pocket Wizards) to experiment more with light. =)

Basically, my small little project started off with a black-box. Opposite of a light-box which most of the photographers would use to do product photography.


The reason why I added the quote:" and a whole lot of muscle strength..." is that I had to juggle with the white sheet of paper and my camera with the flash mounted on it to get these shots.

IMG_9513 copy copy

Top View

Front View

The last photo was taken without the black-box but with the aid of a sheet of black paper as the base and a piece of black cardboard as the background.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and I will soon update on Pack the Floor 24. =)


Few weeks ago, I went to Bijou, a restaurant in the residential area of Mon't Kiara with my sis.


The ambiance was somehow unique and it made me feel like home.


On a lighter note, they do have cute round candle holders placed on the tables.


I was browsing through the menu again and again. I would say that the lunch menu was pretty much limited to a few choices. After much hesitation, I had decided to get myself a sausage risotto while my sis had grilled sea bass.

Sausage Risotto - Sausage, Risotto and Cheese

Grilled Sea Bass - Grilled Sea Bass with Ratatouille

The bill came out reasonably, about RM 35++ per person.

Food wise? I pretty much enjoy my Sausage Risotto. For the first time, I got to try ratatouille after watching the lil' mouse movie. I wouldn't say the dish tasted extremely nice but for the experience, I pretty much enjoy eating it.

A Short Update

Things have been quite chaotic these few days. I seriously need a break before my brain comes to a halt.

Anyways, I am into flash photography or what they call it a "rapist" "strobist".

This picture might not turn out to be "professional" lighting but heck it, I like the colours!

The Renaissance People

Will be back with more pictures from Langkawi, Pack The Floor 24, hell and some food photos.

*Click HERE for a larger pic.*

Island Hopping Part 1

I think I better continue my story on my Langkawi trip before the whole trip got drifted far behind my archive.

After jungle trekking, we went island hopping the very next day. The package could be cheap if you know where to get good deals. From as low as RM 25 per person to RM 40. Since we went under a travel agent, our fare was about RM 30 per person.

To get to the jetty, we drove down to Porto Malai. Somewhere near the port for Star Cruises ships.

First, we visited Pulau Daya Bunting *something like a pregnant lady island*.



Pulau Daya Bunting has a freshwater lake where you could actually swim there. But here's the warning, the water is very deep, hence, it is advisable to rent a life-jacket.


The boatman gave us forty-five minutes to spend our leisure time in Pulau Daya Bunting before we went to eagle watching.

Fast forward........

Forty five minutes later, we docked our respective motor boats and headed to Eagle Island. *I'm just crapping the island's name*


It kinda suck using my kit lens because the telephoto function is pretty much useless. With 55mm as my longest focal length, I could hardly capture any birdies except my own bird.

Hence, I cropped this picture to get a magnified eagle in which you have to put in extra imagination for the detail. =P


Next part coming soon...

Sneak Preview: Pack The Floor 24

Sorry for not updating my blog recently due to heavy school work as well as covering an event for 24 hours - literally.

But then, here's one photo taken from the event. =)

Kenny Sia in action

Looks like Mr. Kenny flew down to KL for the weekends.

Busy Busy Busy Busy...

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. I have been pretty busy lately due to endless amount of essays to mark.

But I promise you guys that better posts are coming. Please stay tune. =)

Nonetheless, shot this in almost pitch-black. Bounce-flash on 90 degrees upwards, tilted 45 degrees.


Putrajaya Photo Outing 08'

As promised, my collection of Putrajaya Photo Outing 2008.

I was walking outside the Putrajaya mosque and to my realization, I didn't know flowers have their own talent show.

One in a Million

Then came the majestic mosque.

Holy Shrine

Next to the mosque is the country's administration office.

Into The Blue

Brokeback Photographers

And the final photo for this post.
Clash of the two colours

Stay tune for more *I hope*. =)

Sneak Preview: Putrajaya Photo Outing 08'

Adverlets is kinda screwy today because they forgotten to renew their domain or something. Made my blog redirected to some stupid ad site.

Anyway, I came back 3 hours ago (10pm Saturday) from a photo outing in Putrajaya and here's the sneak preview.

The Holy Land

Trekking The Great Fall

Right after Underwater World, we drove for about 20 minutes and reached Telagar Tujuh.

The whole place was like a forest reserve where we had to hike for about 15 minutes to reach to the top.

When we managed to hike to the top, we were amazed by the magnificent view of the stream.



I didn't really take much scenery photos from the top because it was drizzling when we were up there.

After that, we hiked downhill to the bottom of the waterfall. When I was about to take slow shutter of the majestic waterfall, the tripod head broke into pieces. Screw those cheap plastic tripods!!

Hence, I didn't really take much photos. =(



Next Stop: Island Hopping!