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Hong Kong City @ Night

Short talk: Did you notice the header image of my blog. It is actually a panaroma picture of the grand canyon(30% of it because I had to compress the picture to fit the blog). It was taken in early April of 2005 when I visited the states.

I am quite a lazy traveler in the sense that I hardly take any pictures when I travel. Maybe it's because I'm traveling with family members and they tend to be on a rush. Hence, I have got to pick up the pace and can't stop for any picture snapping.

Hong Kong is densely populated with its every growing chinese community. Not to forget foreign expatriates. Besides, Hong Kong is also one of the largest finance district in Asia. Hence, it wouldn't be a surprise seeing foreigners walking on the streets.

Secondly, Hong Kong is also termed as the food haven of Asia at least for me. Along the streets, you could see many shops selling food, snacks, delicacies and many more.

Chinese Dumplings

When the night hits Hong Kong, my family and I took the MRT (Mine Rail Transit) to Kowloon Harbor to watch the musical city lights.

7 pm

7.45 pm

At 8pm every night, the city will start its musical lights premiere where buildings in the Hong Kong city will emit a wide range of colour beams into the skies as well as laser beams accompanied by the background music played from the speakers on the street.

I reckon that the Hong Kong tourism board deserves a round of applause for coming up with this idea. The musical light show was awesome that I was fascinated in awe when I saw it.

Saturday Night Fever

It's Saturday night! Drink night with the guys at Gee's crib.

Gonna try out Smirnoff's Triple Distillation Vodka tonight.

Will tell you the verdict tomorrow.

Meanwhile, check it out here - Smirnoff

And this picture below has its uniqueness.

If you get what it means. =)

Viva la Macau

A month ago, my family and I went to Hong Kong on a vacation*.

*The air fare was free though provided by none of the cheap carrier- Air Asia.

Since there is no direct flight to Hong Kong, we had to "transit"(stay for a night) in Macau till we take the morning ferry to Hong Kong.

Summer hits Hong Kong as well as Macau around April till October. Yet I must say going to Hong Kong during summer is a bad choice. Despite being at the coastal region, Hong Kong can be very hot and humid during Malaysia.

At first, I thought I could free myself from the hot weather in Malaysia but once I touched down at Macau International Airport, I found myself living in an inferno*exaggerated*.

One of the famous tourist attractions is The Ruins of St Paul's.

Macau is also known as the Las Vegas of Asia. Years ago, the street of Macau was flooded with casinos owned by the local chinese. One good example is the Grand Lisboa.

Yet, the Grand Lisboa is so successful that the owner is building another one right across the road.

Asians especially chinese are well known for their opportunistic character.
Question: Why?
Answer: Because even before completion, the Grand Lisboa 2 is open for business.

Many investors especially those from Vegas are finding every bit of opportunity to invest in Macau. And I must say, the casino business in Macau is going to expand for the next two years. Melbourne's renown Crown Casino had opened one of its branch in Macau as well as Whym and MGM Gold from Vegas.

Watch out for 2nd part of the travel log. =)

Big Apple

I have a thing for donuts. So far, the best Boston Creme I had eaten is not from Dunkin Donuts but from a Canadian coffee chain, Tim Hortons.

Yesterday, friends and I went to the curve for grocery shopping. Basically accompanying someone to get the "7th book" (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

Saw a new donut store at the curve, Big Apple.

Donuts from Big Apple are not bad. But compared to its counterpart in Malaysia, Dunkin Donuts to be exact, the portion of the donut from Big Apple is smaller than Dunkin's donut despite paying the same amount of money. Although it's slightly pricey,yet the donuts from Big Apple are more delicious as compared to Dunkin Donuts.

Alright, enough said, why don't you try it yourself? =)

Yummylicious cakes

Tired of Bakerzin, Baker's Cottage and even Secret Recipe's cakes?

Here's a change of taste - Just Heavenly

The cakes from Just Heavenly are lovely and delicious.
I had one for my 19th Birthday and my second sis had hers yesterday.

Feel free to click on the pictures for a better look. =)

Chemistry Breakdown

As mentioned, had national chemistry quiz today.

My magazine was on semi-auto mode.

Verdict: A mere pass

I seriously need a break or at least a day or two at some nice sandy beach watching people roasting papayas and bananas. Ahhh...I love *vacations.

*vacations here means excluding shopping with the girls.

I had very bad experience(s) going on a vacation with girls.

Before I digress, here are some shots I took today:

I miss wordpress terribly now. Photo posting in blogger is so @#$#%#$@$#%. Okay, enough of ranting.

Maths test tomorrow. How great? Time to burn some oil. Adious! =)

*P/s: Feel free to click on the pictures.


I finally know how to take HDR photos since the previous attempts were a failure. This time, I somehow manage to get a bit of understanding on how to take HDRs.

Here are examples of my work:

Sorry for being lately nowadays, was and still busy focusing on the coming national chemistry quiz which will be held in my school tomorrow.

On the other hand, MUET results came out last Monday. I scored band 5. Well, MUET stands for Malaysia University English Test and band 6 is the maximum band. I'm delighted to score band 5 as I expected for the worse - band 4. Will blog more often soon I hope. =)

A change.

This will be my new blog for the moment.

There are many more things to do like transferring links from wordpress, etc etc. I'll try to upgrade as fast as possible.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience caused for changing your links in your blogs. =)