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Din Tai Fung - Singapore

Short Talk: Bought a pair of running shoes from al-Iksan. Guess I will be going to the gym often for this coming three weeks. :P

Yes, we have a Din Tau Fung in SS2. Not sure whether is it still there. But this time I'm going to blog about the Din Tai Fung in Singapore.

Woke up in the morning and decided to take a walk down Orchard Road. We visited the Tourist Centre for a copy of local delights booklet.


Din Tai Fung is located in Paragon Mall.



Both of us (splashmilk and I) ordered a bowl of "dan dan" mee and a basket of meat dumpling (siao lung pao).

Dan Dan Mee

Rating: 7.5/10.0

I personally like the texture of the noodle due to its springiness. The gravy was somehow special because it looked spicy but turned out mild.

Meat Dumplings (Siao Lung Pao)

Rating: 8.0/10.0

For your information, meat dumplings in Din Tai Fung is surprisingly cheaper than meat dumplings in Dragon-I. A basket of 6 dumplings would only cost you S$ 5.00++. After conversion, it would be around RM 11.00++. I wouldn't say that Din Tai Fung serves the best meat dumplings but it is simply delicious.

Stay tuned for more...

RuN rUn RUN!!!

Short Talk: Kar Fai will embark on a journey to further his studies in Sabah. Zhang will be heading to Skudai, Johor at 10am later. Sigh, why are my friends leaving me before I could have a farewell party of my own. =(

Anyways, two days ago, I took up True Fitness' 5 KM Challenge!


Basically, all you have to do is to find a partner to run with you. You can share the 5km with your partner. This means that should you run 2km, your partner have to run the other 3km. And the total distance covered by the both of you must be 5km. Either you or your partner must be the member of the gym and the other as guest.

The team that manage to complete the challenge the fastest wins.

And jeng jeng jeng.....


I WON!!! I mean my team won!! Being a guest, I won 3 months membership free courtesy of True Fitness. On top of that, I received a goodie bag that includes a Nike water bottle, a gym bag and a shoe bag. Not bad for a guy who just picked up jogging like 4 days ago. :P

*P/s: I know some of you want to know my time. If not mistaken, I ran 1.5km in less than 7 minutes. Besides that, I covered 2.70+ KM while my partner only managed to run 2.20+KM.

Seafood Dinner @ Coconut Garden

Short Talk: The "workplace"(school) had an open day yesterday. I have a feeling that my students are going to carry pitchforks and torches to chase after me. :S

Few weeks ago, the juniors and seniors of the form six students from SMK SAS had a small gathering at Coconut Garden, Telok Gong.


As usual, we packed ourselves into a few cars to get to the destination.


I reckoned that the food were so so and a tad expensive for my personal preference. Besides that, the portion served was so small that in the end, we resorted to mamak food.

The dishes we ordered were:

Fried Tofu

Deep Fried Fish

"Gam Heong" Crabs

Salt Baked Crabs

Salt Baked Chicken.

However, coconut wine there was quite cheap that everyone started drinking with tall glasses.


Of course we camwhored during the gathering.

Miss Tzu Ting and I

But my camwhore level wasn't as severe as the subject below.


Instead of helping others to take group picture, Thong Siang decided to take a picture of himself.

On the way home, I managed to catch a photo of the partners in crime, Tysern and Ken Chong.


Read up more here.

Sneak Preview: My Nephew

Short Talk: I can't wait to get my laptop! XD

Attended a wedding buffet dinner last Saturday. Instead of taking pictures from the event, I decided to take a few baby portraits of my nephew.

Here's a small preview. I will post it up soon I hope.

Lazy Friday Afternoon

I'm just going to update something different since it's a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Being a lazy Friday afternoon and skipping classes, I decided to catch a movie with uncle TiTs, auntie Sammy and the lady.

We managed to get 4 last minute tickets for Made of Honor. Quite a comedy I must say but oh well, the "glowing thunder beads" sure puts a smile in my face.

On our way home, I managed to catch a series of rendezvous acts in uncle TT's car. All thanks to TT, I am now poisoned by 5D. For your information, 5D is one of the Full Frame DSLR from Canon.

A Hanging Star

Driving Slow

Shift The Future

Pink Nose Girl

Don't you just love the bokeh(blurred background to some) from the 85mm on a full frame. I sure do. =)

Have a great weekends guys! (:

20th Birthday Dinner @ Vincenzo

Short Talk: Although I got accepted into UM, I will be heading to Singapore's NTU for Mechanical Engineering. (:

Roughly two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday dinner with the lady. She wanted to give me a surprise. But in the end, we ended up in a secluded place in Bangsar isolated from the city.


She brought me to Vincenzo for an Italian fine dining. Just like how the last time we went to Nero Vivo. Remember? *winks winks* (:

I kinda like the ambiance of the restaurant although the available light was killing me.

---*Technical Stuff ahead*---
Imagine this, taking photos with ISO 1600 and Shutter speed of 1/15 at f/4.0-f/5.6. I must admit my hands were like super Image Stabilizer mechanism.



As starters, we had the customary hot bread.


My main course of the day was none other than Beef Bacon Carbonara.


I love Carbonaras because of their creamy texture. Filling yet orgasmic. Every bite will make you go "ahhhh....mmmmm....". Okay, too much information.

And the lady ordered Seafood Pasta.


Q: How was the food?
A: Delicious and on par with NeroVivo. *Puts Italiannies to shame* :P

Right after dinner, we camwhored abit before heading home.


The light was used for focusing purpose. But, the lady took the picture before I could keep my phone. :S Hence, the patch of light effect.

And the lovely couple. =)

Stay tuned for more!

Bubba Gump or Bubblegum?

Short Talk: Local Uni Application results are out. My outcome?

I opted for Mechanical Eng. and I got this which was my 4th choice or so.

Just a week before my 20th birthday, I had a pre-birthday dinner with splashmilk at Bubba Gump. A Forrest Gump themed restaurant in The Curve.


The interior of the restaurant was based on a fishing vessel where Bubba once told Forrest that he wanted to start a shrimp fishing company. Hence, the big shrimp as the logo of the restaurant.



Woody Interiors

Stops the Waiter/Waitress when you need to place your order.

Food that we ordered:
Grilled B-somehting something with mash potatoes

Grilled Salmon with Rice

The price for the food is similar to Fridays and Chili's. In my opinion, I would go to Chili's as it has more varieties on food. Not to mention, they serve cheaper food as well. =)

Back From The Lion City

Okay, maybe I should put back from the Merlion city. It has been two years since I last set foot in Singapore.


I revisited the place once again but this time with more sightseeing itineraries. Free-and-easy is what they like to call it.

In summary, we went to places full of perspectives,


which included reading guides non-stop,


walked like mad till you drop dead,


and lastly, ate until the very last drop.


To be continued....

Roxy Summersplash 2008 : Band Performances

I'm going off to Singapore tonight for the weekends. Will blog more when I'm back. Have a great weekend! =)

Right after the summer hotties showcase, the event went on with band performances.


The crowd was so high and crazy they started crowd surfing.



From the two pictures above, I was indeed very close to those hype cum crazy people.

Band after band, they performed on the stage for about two hours.



Then, the emcees came out to distribute Roxy merchandise to the crowd during break intervals.


Highlights of the day were:

Mr. Hairy



Your choice. =)

That's all about my summersplash experience.

I know I know. You must be like wtf!? that short?! Yepp! I didn't stay long. In fact, I went home before 6pm because I had to attend a dinner.