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iPhone 3G

Short Talk: Had the best experience of my life yesterday!!

I don't know why but everyone seems to be in the rat race of getting the iPhone 3G. I think it is in a way, overrated. Yes i know, you are going to say that I am contradicting my own desires. Everyone wants to get an iPhone no matter how long is the queue. But on the other hand, N95 has more functions than iPhone itself. Due to copyrights, there are many restrictions when it comes to using the smartphone. E.g. you're not allowed to forward your sms to other friends. The bluetooth function is for headset usage only and not for file transferring and etc etc.

The picture above shows the waiting area for consumers to join the 4-hour long "marathon" race to purchase the iPhone 3G.

Here comes the question, why is everyone so obsessed with it including the author himself?
Maybe it's because of its edgy design, or perhaps, its sexy touch features. Seriously, I can't find any other good points about the phone besides having 8GB ipod touch, GPS and 3G.


Seems like I am criticizing the iPhone. Well, here comes the plus point of getting the iPhone. The true fact is that, the phone is actually cheaper than the sony ericssons W810i when I bought it almost 2 years ago. After conversion with the current exchange rate, the iPhone 3G is estimated to be RM825.65. Now tell me, is there any Nokia phone that has almost the same functions cheaper than that price?

Besides that, getting an iPhone from Singapore is also another plus point! This is because the phone itself is unlocked upon purchase unlike those purchased from the US. In other words, you can still use the phone even with other sim cards.

I can sense something is coming!


Yes, I have to admit the queue yesterday was total madness. I queued for more than 3 hours just to lay my hands on the new iPhone 3G. The time I spent, the energy wasted and at times trying to get the urge of using the toilet out of my head were in fact torturing.


Guess the endurance finally paid off when I could really do this:



Stay tuned for more!

*P/s: Special thanks to my sister, Ms. Joanne Kua for being so accommodating. She actually accompanied me in the final one hour to purchase the phone. On top of that, I'm using the line registered under her name in order use IDD function as I am underage. Thanks alot sis!! :)

*P/ss: I thought Roxy Summersplash was crazy. This event was even crazier!!!

“iPhone 3G”