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Lazy Friday Afternoon

I'm just going to update something different since it's a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Being a lazy Friday afternoon and skipping classes, I decided to catch a movie with uncle TiTs, auntie Sammy and the lady.

We managed to get 4 last minute tickets for Made of Honor. Quite a comedy I must say but oh well, the "glowing thunder beads" sure puts a smile in my face.

On our way home, I managed to catch a series of rendezvous acts in uncle TT's car. All thanks to TT, I am now poisoned by 5D. For your information, 5D is one of the Full Frame DSLR from Canon.

A Hanging Star

Driving Slow

Shift The Future

Pink Nose Girl

Don't you just love the bokeh(blurred background to some) from the 85mm on a full frame. I sure do. =)

Have a great weekends guys! (:

“Lazy Friday Afternoon”