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20th Birthday Dinner @ Vincenzo

Short Talk: Although I got accepted into UM, I will be heading to Singapore's NTU for Mechanical Engineering. (:

Roughly two weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday dinner with the lady. She wanted to give me a surprise. But in the end, we ended up in a secluded place in Bangsar isolated from the city.


She brought me to Vincenzo for an Italian fine dining. Just like how the last time we went to Nero Vivo. Remember? *winks winks* (:

I kinda like the ambiance of the restaurant although the available light was killing me.

---*Technical Stuff ahead*---
Imagine this, taking photos with ISO 1600 and Shutter speed of 1/15 at f/4.0-f/5.6. I must admit my hands were like super Image Stabilizer mechanism.



As starters, we had the customary hot bread.


My main course of the day was none other than Beef Bacon Carbonara.


I love Carbonaras because of their creamy texture. Filling yet orgasmic. Every bite will make you go "ahhhh....mmmmm....". Okay, too much information.

And the lady ordered Seafood Pasta.


Q: How was the food?
A: Delicious and on par with NeroVivo. *Puts Italiannies to shame* :P

Right after dinner, we camwhored abit before heading home.


The light was used for focusing purpose. But, the lady took the picture before I could keep my phone. :S Hence, the patch of light effect.

And the lovely couple. =)

Stay tuned for more!

“20th Birthday Dinner @ Vincenzo”