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Short Talk: I think I seriously need to start packing. But, I'm lazy. :P

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So yea, the kids were having fun playing around at the fountain area. I have no idea, but I thought it could be a good photography opportunity.

Without hesitation, I re-attached my lens into the "bokeh-cumming making" lens. (85mm f/1.8)


I particular enjoyed snapping photos of this boy because everytime I shoot, he would portray his hyperactive-ness in the photos.


I Can Stop It

And my favourite shot would be this:
Shake It

Watching these kids enjoying at the fountain somehow reminded me of myself when I was young. I used to be fascinated by all these fancy-working mechanism.

Without fail, I would at least touch them just to satisfy myself. I could still remember the time when I was electrocuted. I couldn't help myself but the touch the live wire of the christmas tree bulb. As a result, I ended up screaming and the experience was appalling. The naivety of my childhood brings a smile to me all the time. xD

Stay tuned for more!