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Kellie's Castle: Final Part

Short Talk: I just came back from Malacca yesterday night. It was an awesome trip in food wise.

Here's the final part of my Ipoh trip before I move on to another post. Some of you mentioned why did I post up one picture in the previous post. Well, the reason is because I didn't have much time to upload the pictures as I was late for the Malacca trip.

Let us start today's photostream with 'Stairway To Heaven'. Oh by the way, do click on the photos for a bigger view.

Stairway To Heaven

I personally like the lens flare in this picture. I didn't expect it to appear when I took this shot.

Next up, we have 'A Hope In The Ruins'.

A Hope In The Ruins

And here comes one of my favorite shots, 'Perspective Walls'.

Perspective Walls

In this final set of photos, I present to you the 'Emo Series'.
Once again, I used David, The Gaylord as my model.



A new addition in this series would be Chong Xian.


They were both wonderful models though David could be quite vain during the photoshoot. There was once I asked him to pose by looking out of the window. Instead of doing what I told him, he climbed up the window and stood at the edges. :S

Hope you enjoy my Ipoh trip! =)

“Kellie's Castle: Final Part”

  1. Anonymous splashmilk Says:

    I prefer most of the abstract concrete shots.

  2. Blogger Patrick Says:

    [splashmilk] thanks! =)