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Viva la Macau

A month ago, my family and I went to Hong Kong on a vacation*.

*The air fare was free though provided by none of the cheap carrier- Air Asia.

Since there is no direct flight to Hong Kong, we had to "transit"(stay for a night) in Macau till we take the morning ferry to Hong Kong.

Summer hits Hong Kong as well as Macau around April till October. Yet I must say going to Hong Kong during summer is a bad choice. Despite being at the coastal region, Hong Kong can be very hot and humid during Malaysia.

At first, I thought I could free myself from the hot weather in Malaysia but once I touched down at Macau International Airport, I found myself living in an inferno*exaggerated*.

One of the famous tourist attractions is The Ruins of St Paul's.

Macau is also known as the Las Vegas of Asia. Years ago, the street of Macau was flooded with casinos owned by the local chinese. One good example is the Grand Lisboa.

Yet, the Grand Lisboa is so successful that the owner is building another one right across the road.

Asians especially chinese are well known for their opportunistic character.
Question: Why?
Answer: Because even before completion, the Grand Lisboa 2 is open for business.

Many investors especially those from Vegas are finding every bit of opportunity to invest in Macau. And I must say, the casino business in Macau is going to expand for the next two years. Melbourne's renown Crown Casino had opened one of its branch in Macau as well as Whym and MGM Gold from Vegas.

Watch out for 2nd part of the travel log. =)

“Viva la Macau”