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Sneaker Head

Short Talk: It's already October!! Exams are drawing near!! I am so lazy to study!! ARGH!! Okay, heck it.

How was your holidays? Or should I say how is your holiday so far?*To my Malaysia malaysian friends* Did you guys enjoy your one week break?

Sadly, in Singapore, we only get one day off from Hari Raya. One freaking day off compared to one freaking week from the Boleh Land. To make things worse, we have to replace our lectures on other days in other to catch up with the syllabus. :S

Despite being a short day off, I did enjoy myself during the festive holiday. I went to my sister's place in Novena the night before raya *an hour's ride of public transportations from NTU* to help her with her wedding album, which in the end, nothing was being done. :P

On the very next day, we I went on a shopping spree at Orchard!! I got myself a pair of Onitzuka Tiger since there was a promotion. Basically, they were trying to clear off the old stocks and hence, I got the shoe for S$107. Back in Malaysia, a pair of Onitzuka Tiger would cost me RM350-RM400++ (S$170 - S$200). On top of that, my sis bought another pair for me so that I could wear it during her wedding. *Thanks sis!* :)

Onitzuka Tiger Injector DX
Onitzuka Tiger Injector DX

*P/s: Technical stuff on Photography beyond this point*

Believe it or not, I took this shot with Canon Ixus 860IS. Thanks to the nice available light, I managed to capture the dramatic feel of the shoe in my sister's room. From this shot, I realized that in photography, is the manipulation of light and not the type of camera that matters relatively. What I am trying to emphasize  is that the understanding of light is important before investing in expensive cameras. You can take good pictures with a point n shoot and an even greater picture if you use a DSLR once you gain full understanding of light art (photography). 

Being inspired by Kinz with his sneaker product photography, I decided to give product photography a try. Most product photography uses light tents, light boxes and even white background to photograph various products. 

However, I wanted to try something different. Instead of using a white background and light tent which I don't have, I decided to do it with 2 flash guns fired wirelessly.

Onitzuka Tiger Injector DX
Onitzuka Tiget Injector DX

If you do not own a light tent, fret not! Look around your room or just look around for interesting background. The background in the picture is the pin board on my desk. Those where you pin notes onto it.

Onitzuka Tiger Mexico 66
Onitzuka Tiger Mexico 66

These shots were totally dependent on the flash guns. This means that the flash guns were the only source of light because I set the ISO to 100, aperture to 8.0-13.0 and shutter speed of 1/200. 

Anyways, these values do not matter and you shouldn't be taking it into consideration. Read here for more.

Onitzuka Tiger Mexico 66
Onitzuka Tiger Mexico 66

This is my strobe setup to achieve the three pictures above.
Strobe Setup
Strobe setup

The S$30 flash was being diffused with a translucent paper because I couldn't adjust the output manually. This means that I will get full blast from the strobe for every shot, which is something very irritating when your subject is very near to the flash.

Stay tuned for more!! Have a nice weekend folks!

“Sneaker Head”