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Canon Photomarathon SIngapore 2008

Short Talk: Currently in a bitchy mode, maybe I am just exhausted. Oh well...

I just came back from Canon Photomarathon Singapore 2008. The whole event lasted for more than 12hours, since 9.00am till 10.00p.m. Apparently, the amount of participant that showed up broke the Singapore Book of Records for the most number of participants in a one-day competition.

So what is a Canon Photomarathon?
Canon Photomarathon is a photo shooting competition organised by Canon which will practically last through the entire day. In each photomarathon, participants are required to complete three(3) assignments with their respective themes. Each assignment has to be completed in a period of time. In my case, we were given an average of 3 hours to complete each assignment, including downloading the pictures at the downloading booth.

Since it's a marathon, you're required to only take 5-10 minutes break in between assignments and after the break, head out and shoot more!!!!!

I was lucky to meet up with Herbert and his gang of friends. I joined the coup so that I wouldn't have to shoot alone. The gang was very accommodating and helpful. Basically, each of us had to come out with our genuine ideas about what to shoot. We will then helped out each other to accomplish one's task.

The Fellowship

Before I forget, the first theme of the day was CHANGE. My submission for the day was this:


In this photo, Herbert (the model) was a smoker and he decided to change his life by trying to quit smoking.

Second theme was DREAM. My submission for this theme was:

In this photo, the ultimate dream of the model (homesick) is to join the Singapore's Air Force one day. Noticed that he was wearing a shower cap and sunnies to represent helmet and shade. By the way, I bought them on the spot for this shot.

I was so close in winning the grand prize for this theme. I will tell you why once the official has uploaded the winning photograph.

The final theme for the day was FREEDOM. My submission for this theme was:


One thing Singapore lacks is the freedom of speech. In this photo, although the model(Herbert) is not a fussy person, but he couldn't resist the restriction on freedom of speech. Hence, he took the initiative trying to break the silent memorandum.

*For your information, I did not edit the photographs at all because we were not allowed to do so. All I did was resizing them in Photoshop.*

By the way, congratulations to Herbert for winning the best of shots grand prize for the theme, FREEDOM. Yes, he won himself a brand new 50D, a pixma pro printer, ipod nano, 4GB CF card, manfrotto tripod and many more.

Technically, I wasn't satisfied with the judges' decision. I may sound abit like a whiner or a sore-loser but do hear me out. In terms of creativity, true enough that some of the participants deserve the prize. But in terms of overall quality such as exposure etc etc, some winning photos were underexposed. Anyways, it didn't matter to me anymore because the experience I gained from this competition is just priceless.

Photography is quite subjective and you just have to admit it I guess. :)
I did bring home some prizes that I won during mini games between theme intervals. One of them is a Crumpler Camera Neck Strap with Canon embroidery on it.

That's all folks, I is tired. I sleepy and I need some sleeps. Good night and stay tuned!

“Canon Photomarathon SIngapore 2008”