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Roxy Summersplash : Summer Hotties

Short Talk: Thank God I'm still alive from Roxy Summersplash. No summersplash for me next year. One time is enough.

Getting into Sunway Lagoon on a hot Saturday afternoon was a b*tch. Not to mention, being squeezed by more than 1000 sweaty human beings trying to get pass the security check.

In summary, I was on a human roller coaster ride trying to inch my way into the entrance.


But, it was worth after seeing the summer hotties promoting themselves on the stage. xD

Basically, the summer hotties were required to answer or do whatever the judges wanted them to do.

Panel of Judges


If not mistaken, this guy over here is Aaron with the highest votes from the guys girls.


Then, there was this guy who was very shy when facing a girl. So, the emcees tried to make him feel comfortable in front of a girl. They asked one of the girls from the crowd to come up to the stage. And that lucky guy got the pink bikini hottie.

Her expression changed when he said: "I love you". Girls memang-lah girls. :P


I didn't shoot much of the male summer hotties because that would defeat the purpose of me attending such events.

Hence, I shall proceed to the Female Summer Hotties. To maintain bandwidth friendly mode, I shall feature two summer hotties.


Apparently, this girl can sing! She sang a short chorus of the song "Love Song" by Sara Bareilles.


She drove the crowd mad for that particular instance.

Being an experienced model, this particular hottie was instructed to do a mini cat walk on the stage.


I felt bad for the host as he was trying to get her attention. Unfortunately, he failed.

Next up, band performances!!

“Roxy Summersplash : Summer Hotties”