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Malacca Trip: Part 3 - AFarmosa Resort

Before we left Malacca town, we took a group photo outside the Stadhuys Museum.


After that, we drove another 40KM to AFarmosa Resort in Alor Gajah. For our two day stay in Malacca, we actually booked a villa similar to a single storey banglo. I pretty much like the location of the villa because it shared a common similarity with Desperate Housewives.


The sad thing was, Eva Longoria wasn't there and I couldn't mow her lawn. :(
Other than that, the location was fine.

As usual, with such nice sceneries, camwhoring photography session is a must!

First off, the ugly author.

Then, Miss Quin:



More to come....

An exciting week ahead! Can't wait!!!

“Malacca Trip: Part 3 - AFarmosa Resort”