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Tambun Water Park: Part 2

*Before I start the second part of the story, please allow this post to load as the .gif file in this post is kinda big.*

So, they went into the death valley where the Lord Tambun Piah had summoned a deluge.

Luckily, their chances were high and managed to walk out from the death valley safely.


Some of them couldn't take the challenge and gave up fighting against the evil baron.


*scratches the gramophone*Yes, there's always a but in stories. I don't know why but it does spice up an adventurous story such as this.xD

Four brave souls stood up among the rest and continued their little quest to fight the evil baron.


They traveled through the River of Rapid KL Death, entered the Venomous Cave, fought the evil gorilla,Kong and many more.

Soon, they reached the evil baron's lair. What they saw appeared to be somewhat a fearless tiger cub.


Without any doubt, the four transformed into Phantas-tik FoesFour!


After long hours of battle, having thrown countless numbers of power-balls, they defeated the evil baron.


As a token of appreciation from the locals, they were brought to the fountain of youth where they could rejuvenate their soul.


The end!


“Tambun Water Park: Part 2”

  1. Anonymous splashmilk Says:

    ngai...tiaw...you can write books d... for kids

  2. Anonymous quin Says:

    =.=" -ish..hehe

  3. Blogger Gzhang Says:

    Please don't say that you had this 'story' all planned out in your mind when you told the 4 of them to do the towel heroes poses.

    If you did.....I cannot face you at work anymore. The truth is too painful!


  4. Blogger Patrick Says:

    [splashmilk]haha!! like hairy potter..i mean harry* xD

    [quin] what what.xD

    [gzhang]it was a spontaneous idea.xD

  5. Anonymous ~taira~ Says:

    Funny photo!! all look so happy!! nice shot!!