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Ho Chiak! - Ipoh Edition

Once we reached Ipoh, we headed to the oldtown for brunch.

L->R: Satchid, Chong Xian and Gaylord (David)

They say the Sa Hor Fun in Ipoh is nice. Part of the reason is because the noodle is silky smooth. Another reason is because the soup is made from chicken essence.


I agree with the first statement in which the noodle I tasted was really silky smooth. As for the second statement, I beg to differ because I thought the soup was abit tasteless for me. Besides, when it comes to food, it is kinda subjective. Don't you think so? =)

One thing that one shouldn't miss out when traveling in Ipoh is their famous Oldtown White Coffee.


I personally reckoned it was not bad. But once again, I prefer the coffee prepared by the coffee shops in PJ/KL compared to those served in Ipoh.

Carry on we have the delicious custard.


This time, the custard changed my point of view towards the food in Ipoh. It was delicious and most importantly, orgasmic. The caramel taste in the pudding-like dessert will for sure melt your heart after the first bite. Priced at RM2 per plate, it was worth every penny I paid.

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*P/s: Certain pictures were added noise intentionally. =)

“Ho Chiak! - Ipoh Edition”