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Neemrana Fort - Part 1

Entering the second day of my trip in India, we stayed a night at the majestic Neemrana Fort in Rajasthan.



This place used to be an old fort and they refurbished it into a palace-like hotel. The "non-hotel" hotel as they called it.

Even the entrance amazed me with its sharp spear-like decorations.


As mentioned earlier on, everything in India is colourful except for the three men on the motorcycle as mentioned by DLT2. xD



Every path in the fort was made from stones, pebbles and dirt. There was hardly any tile-like floor except for the rooms.

Stairway to heaven

Located on top of hills, they even built a podium which you could oversee the small city beneath in a wide perspective.


Stay tuned for Part 2! =)

“Neemrana Fort - Part 1”

  1. Blogger dlt2 Says:

    darn, thought they were gay and colourful.

    ooooh is that a horny door? :D

    wtf i DESPISE blogger's word verification thingy! =_="

  2. Anonymous ~T@!ra~ Says:

    Wow.. Nice building !!