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Just Because You're Not Cool

I know this might sound kinda childish but I deserve the right to voice out my personal thoughts.

Here are the portrait shots of the ex-temporary teachers of SMK Damansara Jaya.
Sadly I wasn't in the picture.

The radical decisions made by the current headmistress put me into a situation in which I have a tendency to "b*tch".

Let me tell you, yes, all of you a series of events that happened recently.

Exactly two months ago, the four of us were asked to attend Prefects Camp in May to assist the discipline teachers in handling the large group of participants.

*Prefects, we were supposed to give you a surprise during the camp.*

Just because the students threw us farewell parties in which slight misunderstanding happened, she banned us from attending prefects camp.

Fair enough, we didn't control the crowd properly and we deserve to face the consequences.

What really puts me off is that she even banned us from attending the annual sports day.

Reason: One of the teachers received farewell hugs from students.

We are now like the terrorists to the school and I think sooner or later, she is going to barricade the school and even hire guard dogs to keep us away.

Justify me if I am wrong, but I just do not understand why she has to take such drastic measures.

Enough bitching talking about her or else I'll suffer from mental breakdown.

Last week, had a small photoshoot and the featured model is Eri!

Here's a sneak preview on one of the shots that I took.

*P/s: This shot was taken with 85mm f/1.8 USM lens with 2 speedlites fired through an octabox and an umbrella.

More to come!

“Just Because You're Not Cool”