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Bold and Elegant

Short Talk: Started my new job today at Y.S.P. Industries as a Data-Entry boy. Basically, I sit in the office together with Zhang entering endless amounts of Purchase Oder forms.

I miss my students! ;( And I miss teaching in DJ...

Anyways, back to my India trip post.

Here are some photos taken in Neemrana Fort and further processed using Adobe Photoshop CS3 to suit today's theme : Bold and Elegant.





Feel free to click on the pictures to enlarge it. =)

“Bold and Elegant”

  1. Anonymous quin Says:

    nah your comment! >>
    i likey the sunset pic...reminds me of one republic! (the tree branches and all)..hehe..ah sui ah sui! :)

  2. Blogger Patrick Says:

    quin: what the?! One republic?! haha..sui sui leh.xD

  3. Anonymous ~T@!ra~ Says:

    I personally love the way u project the 2nd pic. taking it thru the reflection of the pond.. Nice work!!