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India Pre Wedding Photoshoot!

After posting so many pictures of India sight-seeing, I reckon that it is time to show you some pictures that describe the purpose of the trip.

As I mentioned earlier on, the trip was meant to be my sister’s pre-wedding photography trip. Joining alongside with me in the trip was Yeh, the wedding photographer who is also a master in black and white as well as fine art photography.

It had been a wonder trip to India I must say. Sis, if you’re reading this, it had been a pleasant and wonderful experience that I had gained while photographing pre-wedding pictures of you and Marcus.


At first, I find it hard to capture wonderful moments of you and Marcus because I always have this phobia in me that the picture wouldn’t turn out as expected. Another reason was that you always complaint about my bad photography skills. xD


But after a few shots, I got used to it and soon, I managed to capture the magical moments that I had always wanted to take.


Both of you were lovely and with the mystical ‘backdrop’ of India, it was a perfect combination!



The locals thought that my sister and her fiancé were some celebrities; hence, they kept coming forward and asked for a group picture.


I have lots of photos to share with all of you, but for the time being, you have to wait a lil’ bit longer. xD

“India Pre Wedding Photoshoot!”

  1. Blogger quin Says:

    legs!! ;) hee hee..the one where marcus is pointing at the cam..oh nvm..ngek ngek.. :p

  2. Blogger Patrick Says:

    quin: you like to see legs eh..xD are you suffering from itching problems?XD

  3. Blogger quin Says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.