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The Long Awaited Results

The STPM results finally came out yesterday. The one that is going to determine my future.

Basically I was sitting at home and bumming around, not to forget working as a part-time teacher in SMKDJ since the last paper which was Physics paper 2.

Three months later, what I have been waiting for finally came. I was enjoying my life 12 hours before the release of my results at Tysern's place winning the pool of chips in mahjong.

As the time drew near, I couldn't really sleep because I was too worried about my results. In my mind, I was thinking of the mistakes I made when answering the questions.

And then, the time to face my results came.....


He's the top scorer in my school. He scored 5As and a smart ass. xD


You see how excited I was in the picture above when I was about to receive my results.

I even ripped off my exam slip which I had taped it back once I got home.


This is what I scored.


I missed Pengajian Am by a small margin!!! But it is still considered as straight A's. =) I was very happy with my results that I did a mexican wave.


While others were taking their results,


I was sitting at another corner being interviewed by the school's editorial board.


The first person I called was my mom. She was basically my strength in this examination who encouraged me throughout the way. And she actually bought it when I lied to her I got 2 A's and 2 B's but I still love her. Thanks mom! =)

Kok Joo and I


The smarties and the not so smart (the girl got 4A's).

*Photo credits to Dan Clam (Chen Lam) who is also the school's photographer.

“The Long Awaited Results”

  1. Blogger Gzhang Says:

    Eh, that's a pretty royal looking watermark you've put there =)

  2. Anonymous huimin Says:

    hey much congratz 4 your brilliant results^^ that must be goddamn hard work ><"

  3. Blogger Patrick Says:

    gzhang: thanks!! xD

    huimin: hey thanks! x)