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Indian Food Rocked My Tummy


First of all, the picture above is NOT a postcard. XD

Since young, I enjoy eating Indian food. Maybe it's the spices that attract me. Enough said, here are some shots of the food I ate during the trip in India.

First off, we had the authentic Tandoori Chicken.


Next in the line would be the yummylicious Nasi Briyani with Chicken.


Other than Indian food, we had western breakfast in one of the hotels.



“Indian Food Rocked My Tummy”

  1. Blogger Gzhang Says:

    Oh man, lucky I am not going to India anytime soon. Can barely tolerate Malaysian spices..the Indian spices are bound to pack quite the punch XD

  2. Blogger dlt2 Says:

    i reckon the "indian diarrhoea" would also pack quite an equal punch

  3. Blogger hOcmun Says:

    i like the first picture.. nice ..
    though a bit senget.. hehe

  4. Blogger Patrick Says:

    gzhang: it wasn't that spicy you know..my mom can cook spicier food.xD

    dlt2: yes..i had suffered throughout that one week. Detoxification. heh

    hocmun: yarlo..couldn't help it.. XD

  5. Anonymous ~T@!ra~ Says:

    if tat's not a post card then ur photography technique should be very good !