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How To Set Up A Basic Home Studio?

The answer is simple.

And by basic I mean the very least that you need to prepare.


What is a wireless flash trigger? Have you heard of Pocket Wizard?
If you have not, a wireless flash trigger is basically a radio transmitter device that triggers your flash remotely without connecting your flash to the camera's hot shoe.

Unlike the Pocket Wizards, the wireless flash trigger shown in the picture has a shorter range than its counterparts but the price is way much cheaper.

Next question, what is a softbox?

"A Soft box is a type of photographic lighting device, one of a number of photographic soft light devices. All the various soft light types create soft diffused light by directing light through some diffusing material, or by "bouncing" light off a second surface to diffuse the light. - Wikipedia "

There are many ways to set up your mini lighting system and it is totally based on personal preference.

As for me, this was how i set up my soft box.

Almost 45 degrees above the subject's head.
For some of my self portraits, I used a black sugar paper as a background.

And here's the results.


Only resizing and no editing was done. =)

“How To Set Up A Basic Home Studio?”

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