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The Banquet

STPM is finally over for me!!! *Euphoria!*

Now it's time to celebrate my holidays. =)

Anyways, three weeks ago, which is before STPM, I went to The Banquet for lunch with my sisters.

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The Banquet

The Banquet is a western-eastern restaurant. They serve western food as well as eastern food. Located in Bangsar Village, it wouldn't be hard for one to locate since we are staying near its vicinity.

I shall cut the crapping and let the pictures do the talking. =P

As starters, we ordered sauteed mushroom.

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Sauteed Mushroom

Then, my main course arrived as soon as we finished the sauteed mushroom.

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Clam Pasta

I've forgotten the name of my ,main course but it's similar to a clam pasta. =P The clam pasta was of course delicious! Better than fasta pasta for the same price range! =P

Meanwhile, my sister ordered grilled salmon.

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Grilled Salmon

The food was delicious and it would only cost you less than RM30 for a decent fine dining experience. =)

You should really try out this restaurant!!

“The Banquet”