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One Week Down, Another One to Go!

One more week to go and *poof* freedom!!!

Time flies pretty fast. Last year around this time, I was preparing myself my Justea Battle of The Bands Audition.

And now, I'm preparing myself for the greatest challenge in my life by far.

I can finally throw all my Pengajian Am books away because I don't need them anymore. =)

Pengajian Am was the subject that I'm not good at. Well, I just hope that my luck won't fail me this time in obtaining a distinction in it. =)

Physics Paper 1 was somehow easy compared to the past years ranging from 1987-2001.

Chemistry Paper 1 (Objective) was the killer and everyone was practically complaining about it after the paper.

Mathematics T (T stands for Tulen *Pure*) Paper 1 was hard this year in my opinion. Luckily, I managed to finish on time.

I just hope that the following week will not be as tiring as this. =)

And before I go, here's a picture to share with you guys. Took it before the exams.

His name is Chen Hsieng *hopefully I spelled correctly*. He's the maths genius in my class. Super Duper hard-working. You would see him holding workbooks full of questions to consult the subject teachers few weeks prior the exams. =S siaoness.

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Chen Hsieng

“One Week Down, Another One to Go!”