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Exam Season - OPEN

Dear readers,

First of all, I would like to thank all of your for being so supportive and also your best wishes. As you can see, STPM has started today and I will be quite busy for the following one and a half weeks. Hence, I might not be able to update so often. My apologies.

Coming this one and a half weeks, I might blog about my exam progress but most of the time I won't be blogging at all. Anyways, today's paper was PA 1- abbreviation for Pengajian Am Paper 1. Something similar to general studies which I'm not good at. Luckily, it was all objectives in which I can switch on burst-fire mode in my short-machine gun. Tomorrow would be Physics and PA 2.

And to all my STPM comrades, here's my best wishes for you guys. I know it's kinda late but well, we still have like 7 more papers to go!

All the best and good luck! May all of you pass with flying colours!!!


“Exam Season - OPEN”