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Crispy Pork!!

Short Talk: I attended Rames' Deepavali Open House today. OMG, the food was awesome!! Thanks Rames for the invitation! =)

Last Saturday, I followed my sister and mom to OUG for lunch.

The sister brought us to a coffee shop near the big four-face buddha temple house in OUG. *Sorry for the lack of details. I'm not too good with the area.*

According to her, the shop sells orgasmic crispy roast pork.

Without hesitation, I ordered this:

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Crispy Pork

The roast pork is slightly crispier than others. But, the slices of roast pork were so thin that for a moment I thought I ordered potato chips. The pricing was normal.

Only one picture to share because I didn't take much. =P

“Crispy Pork!!”