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Kinz Can Defy Gravity

Do you guys believe that the final result of something you want is based on how much effort you put in?

Well, let me give you a good example.

Basically, this is the amount of work I need to do in order to create one good photo.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Notice the amount of layers I created. =S

In my dictionary, there are two types of photoshop techniques:
1. You put additional objects into the picture, blurring the background to get "a shallow depth of field", and etc.

2. You adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure and even playing around with curves.

The photo that I edited, ladies and gentlemen was using technique 2.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Taken @ KLCC Park

Will try to elaborate on what we(Eman and Kinz) did yesterday at KLCC.

*P/s: I spent a bloody hour to edit that photo. =( Hence, your comments will be very much appreciated. =P

“Kinz Can Defy Gravity”

  1. Anonymous kinz Says:

    woohoo!! damnn... that's alot of effort in a picture me.. damnnnnn... it's good tho.. but i think a better model would beautify the photo... my bad.. hahaha.. stupid tongue!

  2. Blogger Patrick Says:

    no la...its creativity that we want. hehe.. putting out ur tongue is creative!!

  3. Blogger dlt2 Says:

    omg i understand how u feel man xD all those work n no appreciation =P sakit hati extreme

    and yes, good job

  4. Blogger Patrick Says:

    haha...thankz uncle tik tik..hehe..at least mine not as heavy as urs.. =P in the end, ppl still comment for u ma.. =D