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Taken For Granted

I don't understand why but lately people have been taken me for granted.

For an instance, few weeks back, a teacher accused me for being too harsh on my friends when they seek help from me on their academics. I admit that sometimes I'm hot tempered but there's always a reason behind it. But, some freaking back-stabbers have to point out my flaws and put the blame on me.

Aren't you suppose to be grateful that I offer a helping hand to you when you needed it the most?

About school, I've been helping this club in my school so much that I missed an important opportunity to boost my grades in co-curricular activities. There was this time I was suppose to take part in cross-country running but instead, the stupid me offered to cover the event for the school's Editorial Board. As a results, I lost 8 marks for sports.

Sometimes, I even share my knowledge in photography with my comrades who were in the same club. In return, I got a f***ing C in my co-curricular marks. Worse part is that I didn't get full attendance which I doubt there were any club meetings. I thought that after all that I have done for the school I shall deserve much better grades, maybe a B perhaps? Enough said, the system sucks! *I'm not blaming the school, the school is fine and I enjoy studying there*

Life's unfair at times you just have to bare with it.

Anyway,here are the photos I took yesterday.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

“Taken For Granted”

  1. Blogger Lee Quin Says:

    so awesomeee cool!!!!...:) you have great imagination la! :p

    p/s: sometimes in life, there are instances where we just have to fight for what we feel we deserve when we know we are right..cos life is not always fair..this time, i fought for you..but the next, you'll have to do it yourself :)

  2. Blogger Lee Quin Says:

    haha <3 u too! (R)

  3. Blogger Patrick Says:

    Bout what you did for me, well.. I didn't really bother about that. what is done is done. Since that's how they see it, no point fighting for a pointless war. I have better things in life than this. =P

    haha.. <3 you too..