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One more paper to go!!! Tomorrow @ precisely 12.30 pm will mark the end of my trials!!

Please ignore the timer because it thought that my trials is going to end this coming midnight. =s

Anyway, what is a silhouette?

A silhouette is a form of
artwork. It is most commonly a human portrait in profile, in black. They do not show any facial expression.

In my case, my silhouette is not a human portrait. =)

I was browsing through my photo folder and I found this photo which was in RAW format. So, I fired up Adobe Lightroom and started editing the photo.

This is what I got:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Taken this photo last Wednesday at the Ramadan Bazaar near my area.

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  1. Blogger dlt2 Says:


    where where??? xD detailsssssss plssssss!!!111*!#&$%(!@$

  2. Blogger Patrick Says:

    haha..you wanna come ke? hehe..kat Giant Supermarket, Kelana Jaya. =O