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Short Update

This post is just a short update, so no pictures will be posted because I have to time to edit them.

Physics Paper 1 down for the moment and I should be preparing for Paper 2 which I'm going to sit for it tomorrow.

Somehow, I feel that I have so much to study but I just don't seem to understand the notes which I wrote. Maybe it's because I've been skipping physics classes all the time. And by skipping classes, I mean skipping all the Saturday classes for the past few weeks.

And to my realisation, Chemistry paper 2 is coming ealier than I had anticipated. I thought that I would have a few days time to prepare for it but I was wrong. The paper is on next Monday.

Anyway, I gotten this video from Shaolin Tiger about a music genius. He's a keyboardist and he plays solo which are on par to those played by Steve Vai or Paul Gilbert.

Behold, Ronald Jenkees!

“Short Update”