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The Garden @ Mid Valley

Quin and I went to Mid Valley yesterday to meet up with her friends. Only then I realized there is a new shopping complex by the name,The Garden.

The Garden is located directly opposite of Mid Valley. In my opinion, The Garden is like the new Suria KLCC with branded shops like COACH, Armani Exchange and many more.

In addition, The Garden was officially opened a few days ago. Hence, you can still see some renovations going on inside the shopping complex. Since the place is still new, there aren't many shops yet.

Here are the photos:
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Guess what did I see at The Garden?

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“The Garden @ Mid Valley”

  1. Blogger dlt2 Says:

    oh. my. fcuk.

    just looooook at the architecture maaaannnnn xD

  2. Blogger Patrick Says:

    cool eh? =P zig-zag etc etc..

  3. Anonymous kinz Says:

    wow.. nice pix.. pic # 2 and # 4 is damn ons... damn..i t look so midvalley-ish.. i was expecting something different...

  4. Blogger Patrick Says:

    haha..thanks..its an upgraded version of mid valley la. =P

  5. Blogger Eman Azrin Says:

    You saw a security guard dry humping the camel by the Armani store while trying on new shoes, in his underwear?


  6. Blogger Patrick Says:

    not underwear. I think thong. and oh my god, i saw the biggest cl*t when the guard humped the camel. =P

  7. Blogger dlt2 Says:

    i used profanity xD u think, how much "cool" i'm giving?

    (ignore d quality of my england wtf)

  8. Blogger Patrick Says:

    my england also very bad..it's practically down the drain..haha..so is that a question or a statement?hehe

  9. Blogger michelle lai Says: