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Malay Traditional Dance

It was a Saturday night and decided to go shopping with mum. Fine, I don't do shopping but just did some window shopping.

Then, there was a performance going on in conjunction with the Ramadan month.

I then put on the 50mm lens and started shooting as if I'm holding a sub-machine gun. =P




There are more pictures here!

I'm starting to like the 50mm lens because it delivers sharp images and also creates beautiful bokehs. It may be a cheap lens and light like a toy, but it is definitely one piece of equipment every Canon User should buy and play with it. =)

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“Malay Traditional Dance”

  1. Blogger Sammy says: Says:

    OMG i'd kill 4 ur camera xD
    nice fotos of d performances, very sharp.

  2. Blogger Patrick Says:

    Please don't kill me =P. Hehe..I got it for quite a good deal. RM 2750 for a kit package.Hehe..thank you thank you. Actually i was quite shy taking photos of the dancers. :S

  3. Anonymous kinz Says:

    Damn... I'm craving for a dSLR too.. Geeesh.. Damn awesome wiehh f1.8.. Ugggh!!! These pix the colours damn vibrant, compared to two posts back.. Don't you think so?

    I think the pix from both previous posts are not so good compared to this.. Sorry but I hope some advices would be productive to you... Would it be the white balance?

  4. Blogger Patrick Says:

    Well, I set the white balance to Auto though. But I think the latest post can tweak to more vibrant effect but I was so lazy to edit. Hehe.. One thing about Canon is that the camera capture natural colours unlike Nikon that gives high contrast pictures.

    Basically it depends on what kind of photography you prefer. =)

    Anyways, thanks for your 2 cents and no need to be sorry. Hehe.. I will try to tweak some settings in Picture Style to deliver more vibrant pictures. =)

    Stop buying sneakers!! At least photography can earn more money. =P

  5. Anonymous WenY Says:

    Wah patrickkkkkkk, do u carry your camera everywhere you go??

  6. Blogger Patrick Says:

    haha..with the new crumpler bag, I carry most of the time. Crumpler is indeed a very convenient sling bag. =D

  7. Anonymous rinachew Says:

    you wait you wait there

  8. Blogger Patrick Says:

    hehe...okie! =) Both of you and Kinz will get one very soon. =P then can join the Sparta gang.hehe