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Wide Open!

During my last trip to Hong Kong, gotten myself a wide angle converter. *sis bought it for me though for HK$ 600*

What is a wide angle converter?

Behold the .50X wide angle converter!!

Basically, it converts my camera's original lens from 36mm to 18mm (36X.5). *If I'm not mistaken.* Confused over there? No worries, I have a sample picture to illustrate the above statement.

As you can see, once fitted with the wide angle converter, my camera angle is widen and hence capturing more objects.

The wide angle lens itself is a combination of a macro lens and a concave lens. If you don't feel like taking wide angle pictures, you can take out the concave lens and snap some macro shots too!

Both shots taken with the macro lens

One thing about these add-on lenses is that the picture quality wouldn't be as nice as those wide angle lenses used on SLR cameras. This is because light waves have to travel through a series of lenses before touching the sensor. Hence, part of the light source will be refracted somewhere else. As a result, certain regions in the photo seem to be out-of-focus.

Lastly, a HDR of an ignited matchstick.

“Wide Open!”