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I finally get to watch The Simpsons after a week from the official premiere at the local cinemas.

I find that show funny although the storyline is something not logical. As you know, since when the Simpsons series are logical anyway? We just enjoy watching all the crazy things Homer and the family do in every episode.

Anyway, if you feel like releasing stress and don't mind paying RM6 for a student price ticket, then I think you should watch the movie. Even if you're not under stress and mentally normal compared to the rest, you can also watch the movie to tickle your funny bone for the sake of tickling it. =)

I'm not gonna spoil the movie by telling you what are the jokes blah blah blah... You have got to watch it yourself.

And if you really wanna have a taste of the humor in the movie, here's a short extract from the movie.