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Of Class Gathering and Steamboat Buffet

I had a class gathering with my ex form 5 mates few weeks ago at Yuen's Steamboat Buffet Restaurant.

It has been quite some time since I last meet up with those guys. Well, I can see that most of them moved on and further their studies to universities while I'm still stuck with form six. =(

Anyway, priced at RM 21.00 per pax. I think the steamboat buffet is worth your bucks. Although the meat selection sucks, but the tom yam was so sizzling hot that I could drink till I drop dead.

I'll just let the photos do the talking.

While the guys were busy talking,

I was happily munching down my food till I stacked up a pile of plates. =)

The tom yam soup was so delicious that Justin became high.

Justin high on cracks

One of the highlights or should I say the most delicious food is the Honey BBQ chicken.

Why would I say so?
This is because when the dish was freshly served out, the chicken wings were gone within seconds.

All the patrons were insanely crazy over it that I took the initiative to film the documentary of a bunch of wing lusting humans.

Lastly, the final chapter of the class gathering ended with a group photo.

“Of Class Gathering and Steamboat Buffet”