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Hectic Weekend!

Of gathering and a gig. Seriously, I really need a break now despite the fact that the holidays are around the corner.

Been busy lately that I don't have time to upload pictures and blog. My sincere apologies to all.

On a lighter note, the gig was awesome although the crowd were uhm... not so suitable for our type of music. =P

Could you imagine playing bittersweet symphony in a charity event full of grandpas and grandmas?

Anyway, I feel that our performance last night were way much better than Battle of the Bands which was held last year.

Well, as they say, its the experience that counts and we got paid in the end for the performance. Our band's very first paid gig. We named ourselves "One Black Short" yesterday night because our drummer - Prakash couldn't make it. *no hard feelings my homie boy =)*

Yesterday's gig made me reminisce so much about last year's battle of the band. This year, I really feel like joining the battle. Alas, my trials is drawing near and I can't afford to neglect my studies. It's either go or no go at all.

Screw the battle of the bands for having it so late or maybe too early!!!*exam ends before December*

“Hectic Weekend!”