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King Crab

Last Saturday, I joined my family for lunch at King Crab located near my house *Opposite KJ LRT station*.

We had this for lunch:

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Dai Chap Hai

First of all, don't get me wrong, "dai chap hai" literally means hairy crabs or something and definitely not "big gang bang" in the cantonese slang. =P

Apparently, you order this kind of crab just to eat its roe or eggs. You wouldn't get a chance to eat the meat because the crab size is too small for juicy crab meat.

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This is how you peel open the crab.

Notice the yellowish thingy? That's the roe or egg. And yes, the crab I ate was bloody hairy. XD

Once you're done peeling the crab, this is what you'll get.

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Golden Juicy

These crabs don't come cheap as they cost RM 38++ per crab. Besides that, you'll get a complimentary ginger tea as these crabs are "cold" in Chinese terms.

“King Crab”